If you’re not able to be properly hybrid and the way you make the water. That was another thing that the Japanese were ahead of the game with everybody, you can take like a tube and put it in water and try to bubble and make hydrogen water. But it’s not the same as if you create these tiny little nano bubbles, because now we get into the realm of what people don’t talk about how would I word it?

Hydrogen being more bioavailable to the body. So if I give you an example, I don’t know if you’ve ever done this, but let’s say you were to go 10 feet under water, 20 feet under water, and you were to release a really big bubble, and when you released that bubble, the bubble floats to the surface very rapidly.

But if you release almost like a tiny little bubble, it will move slower. So the bigger, the bubble, the faster. And so when the bubbles are really tiny they’re more well dissolved into the water. So when you take the water in, even on an empty stomach, it takes 20 to 30 minutes per to go from your stomach, into your GI, and you want all that hydrogen carried into there.

And I think that it has a better chance as when they’re tiny little nano bubbles. And this is the reason that when they developed the device, they did it the way that they did it. They didn’t want to ionize the water. They didn’t want to electrolyze the water. They wanted a pH neutral so that it would not disrupt stomach acids.

That’s one of the biggest things people always want to go into like the king and machines are these ionizers that are changing the pH of the water. The Japanese discover that in the long-term, it’s not very good for you. And they discovered that all the benefit was not the pH of the water, but the hydrogen within the water, these machines are making hydrogen, inadvertently.

They just didn’t know. They ended up realizing that. So they specifically designed the machine, following the science, and that’s literally what the hydro fix is. It came out in 2018. It wasn’t that long ago and they’ve improved it through every iteration and they literally came out the best one in 2021.

I just got one like a month ago or so. And it’s the best iteration I’ve used. I think just about all of them,

How much hydrogen can you dissolve into water in our atmospheric pressure? The maximum amount is 1.6 PPM, 1.6 parts per million. That’s the maximum amount. And you can dissolve into water. So when you get people telling you that they have 20 PPM, it’s but that’s not even scientifically possible now, unless they’re pressurizing the guests.

Now, if you pressurize the guests, you could do that. The problem is that when you pressurize it, the moment you open a lid or something to drink it, you’re going to be losing around over 90% of the hydrogen in 45 seconds or something crazy.

It’s really fast. And so we come back to my whole notion of bioavailability and I did find out that the hydro fix company was saying that we could pressurize us. We could create a different type, like the lid that they have on their container. Like we could seal it and we could pressurize it and we can get bigger numbers just to try to impress people.

But that’s not really the goal. The goal is not to impress people. The goal is to have the hydrogen function correctly. So what they found out that it was better to dissolve the hydrogen without pressure, because now it’s more stable. So when it goes into your body, now it appears there’ll be more bio.

And that’s why they did it that way. They did it the right way. So I always went towards things that made sense to me than I really thought that they’re doing it the right way as compared to companies that just want to try to make, ridiculous numbers. I’ve seen machines where they use even chemicals to try to produce large numbers and that’s so crazy cause you’re taking away the purity of it.

And now in my opinion you’re bringing in a risk, utilizing chemicals and I’ve known people who have been not only sick. I got sick, I tried some I was always trying machines and I tried some other machines trying to be open-minded as I’ve always been with hydrogen, but as the years went on, all I realized it just kept going back to the Lord has company. And they were always on top of it. They were always ahead of the game and they were just the best.

And they were the most knowledgeable. I spoken to so many hydrogen companies. I’ll tell you it almost nobody knows what the heck they’re talking about. They’re always giving contradictory information. They don’t really know they lie. They say I just got a message recently. They’re like, Hey, look at this Japanese machine.

And I looked into it and it’s not a Japanese machine. They’re claiming that it is, but it’s actually Chinese machine. And there’s just so much like that in the hydrogen world, it was one of the most difficult time-consuming things that I had to do in research. And misinformation when it comes to hydrogen and they try to skew things, they use things like PPB parts, per billion, instead of parts per million to confuse people and make the numbers try to look so big and everybody’s always want a bigger, more, more numbers.

But the hydro fix company found a really nice balance between what you want on the. According to the science and the hydrogen gas. And they just found a really nice balance and it’s a great home unit. And for the price, I, that was another funny thing. People are always complaining about the price, but they don’t realize, to make, top grade hydrogen gas back in the day, you needed a lab.

We’re talking not only hundreds of thousands of dollars, even just like chromatography devices, I think are in the millions, to, to measure hydrogen in certain ways. And then later on, they developed that one, that first machine, it wasn’t the Lord, his company. It was another company in Japan that developed a gas machine that I think is around $10,000 or something.

And even that gas machine was compared to the hydro fix. Eventually when the hydro fix came out, they put almost identical numbers out of hydrogen gas, but the hot, the hydro fix actually had a higher grade of purity. It was way cleaner, hydrogen gas than even the most expensive best machine in Japan.

And I think part of it is because of the way it does it. It’s so creative in the way that it makes the hydrogen guests through. Instead of just producing the gas. And so it’s a such a unique device and there’s nothing out there like it. And they produced, they had to use so much technology from their H type, the filter, which I believe wasn’t even in existence, they had to develop that doesn’t use any chemicals, everything in it is food grade.

It’s very safe, very clean. The cleanliness is a huge factor that nobody’s talking about. I learned how important metal technology was in producing hydrogen. That was a huge one because China, it’s not to offend China, but their metal technology is not the best. The metal technology in the world, highly researched in the subject, the best stuff is either from Germany or the United States or Japan, they make the best metals in the world.

Those three kinds. And Japan has been a leader in that kind of stuff. Even when the days that they were making samurais swords, nobody could touch them. They’re way ahead of everybody. Even when they entered NASCAR, that’s so hilarious because when Toyota entered NASCAR, they were shrinking everybody’s, but nobody could figure out why it was the metal, the way that they were doing the metals in the engines.

And everybody was just blown away by that. And and so they’ve been way ahead of the game. When it comes to metal technology, when they were going to develop the hydro fix, I remember learning that the metal that they wanted to create was deemed impossible. They’re like, it just can’t be done. And they had a company which I believe makes products for NASA.

They were like the best in the world. It’s a Japanese company. They make the best metals in the world. And they told the Japanese because when the hydroponics company wanted to make the hydraulics, they wanted to make the best mission in the world. One of the gentlemen at the hydrophobics company, one of the real top guys, his own daughter is sick.

She had Lou Gehrig’s disease ALS. And he knows he, he knew the hydrogen would help her, but they needed a device that was realistic to have at home that wasn’t too ridiculously huge. That was easy to use. And it had to have the inhalation because part of the problems that she was having was in her lungs.

And that’s somewhere where inhalation, in my opinion makes it makes a big difference and he’s, and it costs more money. That was another reason the price went up because it had to produce clean, very clean, high quality, hydrogen gas. And so they had to develop certain aspects of the machine in order to do that.

And when they did that, it enhanced the water. So it made the water even better also because they had to make it safe to inhale. There’s a lot of devices out there. It’s one of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen. And they tried to copy it from the hydraulics I noticed is they big. They had these little cheap Chinese bottles, where they bubbled the hydrogen and they started putting the top for the.

’cause they just thought, oh, it’s that easy? Again, cause that’s something the hydroponics company came up with and that was a huge mistake because you’re literally inhaling directly ionized water and they produce other gases that are not good for you in theory, based on the science, because they haven’t really specifically studied that.

But in theory, it’s like saying, Hey, this chemical, we haven’t done a study on it, but we’re pretty sure it’s probably not good for humans, because, and that’s so frustrating because we have people that need serious help, people that have actual medical conditions that they’ve tried everything for.

And then they have a glimmer of hope with using hydro. And, they may, maybe they go to holy hydrogen.com, see the devices, 24 cleaning up 500 bucks or so. And they’re like, oh, that’s a lot. And then they start researching on Amazon. They find a $67 unit. They buy that and poison themselves thinking they’re doing hydrogen therapy and 300 this service, right?

Yeah. I’ve seen some for 300 bucks, but it’s still the same thing. Your direct. Electrolyzing the water. It almost doesn’t even matter. Even if you have the good medical metal technology, which they don’t, nobody actually does. This is something that they’re so ahead of everybody, it’s crazy. Like they just develop new stuff for the 20, 21 unit.

They’re using some type of technology that I really don’t completely understand, but it’s been so important to one of the founders, the guy whose daughter, I believe she wasn’t even supposed to live past the age of five chronic lung infections, like every week or two. And she is, I believe, 11 years old now or something and the significant difference.

And and yeah it’s like the best home unit. And they did it so well, but then they started using it in a medical clinics in Japan. They were like, this is the best there is. They could get a 10,000, $12,000 device, but they were literally get the hydro fix. Cause it was not only cheaper, but it worked better.

The whole thing was about it. Just working better. It was a billion. You mentioned something actually before going into that. Yes. That’s why we love our partners with the hydro fix because we have confidence in the product they’re creating, but I can with confidence, share the Lord ACE hydro, fix, tell people about it and not have to worry one bit about the quality of the hydrogen, the quality of the product, if there’s going to be any negative side effects.

We love our partnership with them.

Greg, thank you so much for your time tonight. This has been amazing as always everyone give Greg a follow uprising, one for 4k on.

Great content. You will not be disappointed. I’ve subscribed and I have the bell. So whenever he publishes a new video, I see it. Yay. Yeah. Keep giving the videos, thumbs up. I’m trying to get a bigger following on the hydrogen thing and I’ll keep everybody updated, about how it goes and anything new that I learned. All right Greg, thanks a ton. And everyone check the description below for a link to Greg’s YouTube channel uprising one for 4k, a link to the website, holy hydrogen.com and check out those to learn more and get set up with the hydro fix.


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