Katherine Berschet Nelson shared this incredible story about her use of hydrogen. While we don’t want to make any medical claims, we do want to share the email she sent us about her experience.

Day 1: 07262022Day1 Min.    Day 3: 7 28 2022Day3 Min

Day 6: 7312022Day6 Min.    Day 17: 08112022Day17 Min

My name is Katherine.  This is my mother Judy.  We started the hydrogen therapy Tuesday July 26th.  The pictures you see are Day 1, Day 3, Day 6, Day 17.  The results have been incredible.  She is 82yrs this November.  She has moderate to severe Alzheimer’s and has been in assisted living since 2014.  You can see the color has returned in her iris in just 17days.  The pictures speak for themselves.  She was able to hold a utensil and use it.  Which had lost the ability to do.  I haven’t seen her smile that big for a long time.  Even my siblings are beginning to notice changes.  I can’t wait to see what next week will bring.  At the time of her first treatment she had a nondisplaced hairline fracture of her hip.  She is now able to stand without assistance and take steps, which she isn’t supposed to do but the staff can’t keep her down. She is due for an x-ray after 6wks and I am confident it will show a healed hip.  Judy is using more words and doing less mumbling although she is still doing some she is talking a lot more.  I can’t thank you enough even if this is all the healing we can get, I’ll take it.  Nothing I have tried has done this much in this amount of time, and I have tried a lot of things from supplements to medications to diet.  These results truly are amazing.  I very grateful.  You have my permission to use this testimony and pictures if it can help someone else I’m all for it.
 Katherine Berschet Nelson
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