About Us

We are committed to providing ONLY the highest quality and safest hydrogen machine – because we care about you and because we honor hydrogen.

We are so committed to giving you the best hydrogen, that we don’t compromise on anything. Here’s what that means for you:

1) We choose to invest more money into our research and our machine instead of into sales and marketing.

2) We only sell the Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition because it is the best hydrogen machine in the world. 

3) We NEVER use chemicals or lye as shortcuts to produce hydrogen. 

4) We DON’T promote inferior or dangerous products like hydrogen tablets or cheap hydrogen machines – even though they would be more profitable.

5) We consistently collaborate with the top researchers and scientists in Japan to improve and refine the technology.

We believe that hydrogen is powerful and gives people hope

Every member of the Holy Hydrogen team has a personal connection to hydrogen and the Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition. 

We’ve all found hope and healing by using hydrogen in our daily life. The lead engineer who developed the Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition was primarily motivated to create the best hydrogen device in order to improve his daughter’s quality of life. She had ALS and wasn’t expected to live past 11 – at time of writing this, she is healthier than anyone expected at 13 years old. We’ve seen miracles with using hydrogen.

We’re committed to excellence – our hydrogen technology is the best in the world

We only provide the best. Instead of providing cheap products to make a lot of money, we just wanted to share the healing we experienced in our families with the world. Our perspective is: “if it isn’t good enough for me and my family, it’s not good enough for anybody.”

We’re not just trying to sell hydrogen machines. We’re trying to heal mankind from the toxins and poisons that have polluted our planet and population.

Why we named our company Holy Hydrogen

Holy stands for purity. Here at HolyHydrogen, we dedicate ourselves to making the most pure hydrogen, without potential toxic by-products (such as lye, heavy metals, and other toxic gasses common in other hydrogen machines). We lab test and certify each individual machine (to ensure you get the proper levels of hydrogen). We’ve noticed that the majority of the hydrogen industry doesn’t understand how to properly measure the actual amount of hydrogen their products produce – therefore, we want to set a higher standard for purity and hydrogen production. We are truly hydrogen professionals and only use the correct technology to measure and make hydrogen. Watch our lab videos to learn more.

We want to heal the country – the body and minds of our citizens 

America (and the world) is only as strong as its people. Over decades, we’ve been fed genetically modified food, pesticides, chemicals, etc. We believe that hydrogen can counteract and help the world recover from man-made diseases.

Our promises to you

We promise to provide live, native english speaking customer support to help you on your health journey with hydrogen. We promise to only provide the best hydrogen technology.