Hey everyone. Welcome. We’re here with Greg, the hydrogen man. We’re super excited to have this conversation with him as we learn a little bit more about hydrogen together. So let me just start off by introducing Greg. If you haven’t seen him on YouTube, then this will be the first of many.

He has an incredible channel that not just goes into the benefits of hydrogen, but natural health in so many different ways. And the importance of clean water and hydrogen is a big part of it, but his breadth of knowledge and intelligence and experience at a personal level. And then at a scientific and research level is so impressive.

And that’s why we have him here to share some of his knowledge with us. Greg, is there anything I missed there that you’d want people to know about you before we dive in?

No, I think you’ve pretty much pretty well covered it. I feel like you made me sound smarter than I am

no way. So let’s get started with the benefits of hydrogen.

Can you explain a little bit about how hydrogen makes an impact in the body for people’s longevity and health and everything that we’re seeing coming out of these Japanese studies? Yeah, I would say the very first thing is it’s tricky because it’s actually, it was tricky literally for the smartest people in the world when the Japanese were researching hydrogen and they were seeing, they literally had a long list.

I almost wish I had it here. It would show like all the medical conditions that have been researched in regards to hydrogen. And there’s so many, I don’t know if anybody could remember them all as a huge list. And then next to every single medical condition they had, the medicine that you would take, currently in, in the Western world, And then next to that, they would also have medicines that people would take to combat certain negative side effects that come from, other medicines that you’re taking.

And so it was a huge list of medications, these huge list of medical conditions. And then they showed hydrogen and they had shown that hydrogen had a positive effect on all these different medical conditions. And they couldn’t understand why they literally couldn’t. The smartest scientists were like, how can one thing take care of all these conditions, or even have potentially a greater impact on helping this conditions even better than certain pharmaceutical drugs.

They’ve literally done studies. I believe it was on the heart and they compare to heart medication and hydrogen outperformed it with the real side effects. So that was pretty impressive that it outperformed pharmaceutical, Medicaid. And in order for them to understand how can I help this long list of things?

And they dug into it and, millions of dollars of research and very smart people. And they eventually discovered what was hydrogen doing that could help all these things. And what they discovered was that it was roughly between, I believe 96 to 98% of all disease comes down to one. And that’s oxidative stress.

So if you put too much oxidative stress in the liver, then you’ll have liver issues too. I talk to date of stress in the kidneys brain. You just goes on and on. And that’s the one thing that hydrogen appears to be quite magical with is dealing with oxidative stress. Now granted, I always like to emphasize because almost nobody ever talks about it is that when you make the hydrogen, because you’re going to be using it regularly, you want to make sure that it’s made properly.

You really want to make sure that it’s clean and not to be confused with hydrogen peroxide, because boy, that’s one of the number one questions I get. And remember hydrogen peroxide has pretty much almost nothing to do with hydrogen. Hydrogen peroxide is H two O two. So it’s basically one additional oxygen molecule and oxygen is oxidizing.

And it doesn’t mean that we don’t need oxygen, but you really have to understand the balance of oxidation and antioxidation. And obviously hydrogen functions as an antioxidant. That’s what ultimately the science has observed an oxidative stress or some people also call, ROS, reactive oxygen species, but basically they’re forms of.

That’s what’s interesting as though what’s causing a lot of the damage is a form of oxygen. And because I didn’t has an affinity to walk, sit, and just look at water H two, oh, you’re talking about two parts, hydrogen, one part oxygen, both are gases, but when they come together, they create water, but they have an affinity to each other.

And so ultimately what ends up happening is you bring in this excess amount of free hydrogen. So a lot of people also ask water has already got hydrogen in there, right at stage two. Oh, the chemical formula that we’re talking about is H two O plus H two plus H two. And it just goes on and on plus H two.

So you’re bringing. This age, too, that is to oxygen. So when it goes into the body, it seems to have this natural affinity to want to bond, to oxidative stress, a form of oxygen. And when it does that, it appears that it neutralizes now this quote unquote free radical damage, and it turns to water. And so in neutralizes it, and almost practically hydrates you, it’s what it looks like.

And then it can flush, certain things out of your body. And that’s a small bit of what hydrogen does, because you can ask the smartest people in the world, how hydrogen works, and nobody knows a full answer. There’s nobody who can, is yet to explain completely how hydrogen works, because it’s just so interesting because it can go into one person, do one thing, go into another person and do a completely different thing.

And I think they’ve even created new terms for hydrogen things. For example, like it’s, I’m trying to remember the term myself. It’s a selective anti. So it’s not just like a normal antioxidant, like taking vitamin C or glutathione, vitamin E like different types of antioxidants. This one is selective.

So it will literally go into your body and say, okay, I want it selectively antioxidizing this, but not this and that to me was so fascinating because to me, it’s almost like hydrogen had spirit. Like it almost like it had intelligence, because if you just put very powerful antioxidants into the body, it’s not always the best thing.

Some people really look at Orex scores and they want these ridiculous high or act scores, but there’s been people who take pills that have a very high or XCOR, and it’s been known to make people sick sometimes too. So to selectively, and then not just the select department, that’s also a beautiful thing about.

But to take it even a next step is the size of an antioxidant. I wish I almost had a chart for you cause I’ve done it on some videos where you have the size of the glutathione molecule. Have you seen these, the size of vitamin E the size of a vitamin C all these different types of antioxidant, then you look at hydrogen and it’s tiny.

And it’s funny because we always think, oh, bigger is better, but you don’t realize the fact that it’s so tiny, it can penetrate anything. Go right through glass. It’s amazing. So that means it can penetrate every single tissue within your body. There is no place in your body, the hydrogen candidate, you can’t name one, not even your bone marrow, you, it will penetrate everything.

And that’s what you want. As long as it’s safe. Again, I’m always back to making the hydrogen safe, making it clean. You don’t want to directly electrolyze water, which, the Japanese figured out you want the nano bubbles. And then of course, there’s a disparity between the water and the hydrogen gas and And that’s also been very interesting because originally the Japanese thought we want to inhale the hydrogen gas because you have much higher level, all scientists thought gas, and that’s the way the study and the research began.

Everybody was shocked when they began to use the water and found that the water was working better than the gas. It almost makes no sense logically. So a lot of what hydrogen doesn’t make sense, logically it goes beyond our mind, and I don’t, were you aware this Chad, about disparity with the gas?

Okay. And so I’ve created my own theories though. So I have certain theories now. I would say that a lot of the theories that I’ve come up with throughout the years, I would say that the majority of may have been proven to be true about 80% of them, but there’s still more theories that I have that nobody’s ever studied.

So I believe that as time goes by they will come true because most of them are using. Science and mind and just logic and trying to understand how things work. I’m not going to say I’m always right, but I have noticed that my track record’s pretty darn good. As far as being accurate, a lot of things actually, but when regards to the gas and the water worked better than the gas, but the gas still has certain benefits.

So like one of the interesting things was core body temperature. I’m not sure if you guys are aware this one in Japan or almost everybody who has cancer, it’s 90 something, the numbers as high as 97, but almost everybody who has cancer, their core body temperature was lower than it should be. Now, this is interesting because core body temperature associated with health.

Now, granted for me, core body temperature is definitely going to make a difference as far as the way the blood moves. Now, a lot of people don’t think of the importance of blood moving, but let me tell you if your blood stops moving, like your heart stops. You’re going to die. It’s super important that you’re, that you have proper blood flow.

And when you have lack of blood flow, your digits will get cold. You want proper blood flow. And when you look out, they did a specific study in a lab in Japan with the hydro fix the machine that I obviously like, it’s the number one machine in Japan when they did, I have a video number 68 and it shows how, what a difference from normal water, no water.

And then the hydrogen water and the difference in the blood flow. And it was just, it was so extreme. I’ve literally have had doctors contact me and say, that’s not possible that video is, they thought it was a fake. And I had one physician literally by the. And take it to their own lab, asked me to ask Japan, exact parameters and exact amount of water to do the study exactly the same way they want it to perform the same test almost to prove me wrong.

But also they were curious about this. This would really work. And in the end it did work. The physician was blown away. They couldn’t believe it. They said this to technically not be possible. And I don’t even know if people know why it happens. I’m not even sure if scientists know why it happens to clarify something about hydrogen in Japan.

They’re having a heck of a time explaining how it completely works, but yet they can see that it works. See that’s the big difference. They can’t explain how it’s doing what it’s doing, but they can see that it’s doing it. So that’s something that I think is very fascinating and I have my own theories about it.

I can tell you one of them right now to me, hydrogen is light. Look at the sun. The sun is made up of almost entirely hydrogen. It’s almost a hundred percent. And I think that in some strange way, we’re bringing light into the body and we’re also bringing just pure energy. Hydrogen is so filled with energy.

I don’t even like to use a word, but that’s why they made like the hydrogen bomb, because it’s just so much energy. And then, obviously you could use it to power the world. You can use it for powering cars. You can use it for a lot of different things. Hydrogen’s got multiple uses. And the fact that we run on it, I don’t think we really ever thought about it that way, but we run on hydrogen.

You take hydrogen out of us. You’ll I think you literally die. You can’t survive without hydrogen. We’re, we are mostly made of water too. And water is made up of mostly hydrogen, so it just keeps going on and on. You could even give it to plants. If you give it the plants grow better, they grow faster.

I have theories on, I’m not sure about if you’re aware of this. A lot of people look at an organic apple and a non-organic apple, and maybe they both look the same. Maybe the non-organic ones even bigger and more beautiful and it looks better. Who knows, but when they test them, I don’t know if you guys are aware this one, when you test the antioxidative power of the apple, the organic one has higher levels of antioxidants as compared to the non-organic one.

Now, the reason that this is interesting to me is because one of my theories is that if you were to grow food with hydrogen water, I think that the food would be much more rich than nutrition and more like most likely antioxidants. Because I also remember there being another study where they would take fruit or vegetables and soak them in hydrogen water.

And before they sold them, they would measure the antioxidative power of that fruit or vegetable. Then they still come in the water, take them out and measure them. And that fruit or vegetable, all of a sudden became like a super vegetable, super fruit. So yeah, a lot of crazy stuff like that.

Greg, thank you so much for your time tonight. This has been amazing as always everyone give Greg a follow uprising, one for 4k on.

Great content. You will not be disappointed. I’ve subscribed and I have the bell. So whenever he publishes a new video, I see it. Yay. Yeah. Keep giving the videos, thumbs up. I’m trying to get a bigger following on the hydrogen thing and I’ll keep everybody updated, about how it goes and anything new that I learned. All right Greg, thanks a ton. And everyone check the description below for a link to Greg’s YouTube channel uprising one for 4k, a link to the website, holy hydrogen.com and check out those to learn more and get set up with the hydro fix.


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