Before I start, I  like to say, I’m not giving any medical advice or making any medical claims, 

And then you’ve seen the way the blood moves. If you see my footage from video number 68, when you’d taken the hydrogen, how the blood just moves like a river. Whatever’s in the blood, which is why it’s important to not have  deficiencies.

It’s slowly feeding the tissues, but if you don’t have the proper nutrients and the blood is not feeding the tissues, but with that movement, when it flows like a river and carry nutrients, that’s what you really want. Plus even with the pH of the blood, a lot of people don’t know that pH stands for potential hydrogen.

That’s what pH stands for. And that’s another very important thing about the human body and how it appears to help regulate the pH of the blood, which is super important, because your body will do anything and everything to keep you alive. And sometimes I think people wonder why is the body have this problem?

But it’s because it was doing something else beforehand to keep you alive. But in the long-term it ends up having a negative ramification. I don’t know how much you’re aware of. I could use an example for example, let’s say you eat meat. There’s an interesting scientific study where they found that when you eat meat, your blood gets flooded with calcium and they don’t really know why actually.

And I have a theory about it. I think it’s because when you take in the meat, it throws off the pH of your blood and you have to maintain a certain pH. So your body will literally pull calcium from your bones, all to maintain the pH of the blood. And that’s why the blood gets flooded with calcium. And that’s a problem because then eventually I believe that’s part of the issues of what causes kidney stones and things of that nature.

Because when they measure the stones, they test them. They’re typically just made it mostly calcium. And there’s literally scans where the. Stones in the kidneys and people go completely plant-based and they begin to dissolve. And I believe that if you use hydrogen on top of that it’ll help that also.

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