We know that hydrogen functions as an antioxidant, but it also seems to function as a anti-inflammatory, it helps regulate certain signaling in the body.

It also is able to penetrate the mitochondria super, super tiny.

So if you have oxidative stress in there, even if you were to take something like vitamin C, can’t penetrate the core of the mitochondria and deal with that. It’s too big. And like I said, I really wish we had some visuals because that’s the power or part of the power. And the magic of hydrogen is just how tiny it is and how it can go into every nook and cranny, to, to fix issues.

When we have oxidative stress in our body, right? It’s free radicals floating around generally in the form of oh two, right?

Two oxygens bonded together and in the proper ratios they have beneficial functions and uses in the human body. But when they get out of balance because of chronic inflammation, they contend to override different systems and rec habit.

When you ingest molecular hydrogen, you literally have a bunch of now H twos floating around the body. And what happens when oh two meets H two, they form H2O and literally oxidative stress can transform into water inside of our bodies, hydrate us and then flesh out of our system naturally.

So that’s one of the main ways that hydrogen can mitigate oxidative stress. The other, like you mentioned is that it can regulate the inflammation response. Not only is it an antique, not only does it act as an anti-inflammatory, but it helps to regulate the inflammatory signals that create chronic inflammation.

So consistent use of hydrogen. We at least know, does those two things, anything else? We’re not really sure how it makes the impact. We just can see the studies and see that it does. And the, all the anecdotal stories that you hear about, and that we have really anyone who has serious medical issues. And of course we can’t make medical claims or give medical advice on this.

But the anecdotal stories and reviews that people give after using hydrogen water for, the series of weeks or months, or sometimes even years, incredible healing has taken place of that, or is deemed impossible by the medical establishment. And I’ve had people contact me with crazy stories.


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