One more thing I want to chat with you about is hydrogen pills. This is a big can of worms, but a lot of people see the price tag and then they see, I won’t drop any names, but they see some other reputable people promoting the hydrogen pills and they think, oh if so-and-so’s promoting it, it must be a great product.

We don’t offer the pills because at a very base level, they’re not good for lifestyle. It’s way more effective. We think to have a device that makes a large amount of hydrogen water, that you can breathe the gas and pay for it once and not have to get on a product subscription can maintain the lifestyle and two, and I’ll let you dive a little bit into this one.

It is likely not healthy to consistently use these hydrogen pills. So that’s the holy hydrogen take. What’s your take on the pills? Yeah for one, they definitely don’t seem to be good for you. Originally they were telling you to take the pills, so you’d take the pills. And that was what they told you to do originally then later on, I think they started realized, see, in Japan, they already know they’re not good for you, by the way.

I don’t know if, how much I should go into the politics of it all because there’s a lot of not good stuff in the background. And I could really, there’s a lot of money happening. There’s a lot of money. There’s a lot of money in the pills. And the interesting thing is that the pills are actually the most expensive way to consume hydrogen.

If you had to buy the pills regularly, it gets it’s the most expensive way. But I was never thinking that this is the difference between maybe myself and maybe others when it comes to health. I never think about the money because health is, a very famous wise person once said health is the greatest wealth.

And so you can’t replace it. If something goes bad, people think, oh, your heart goes out to, you can just hold open. Heart surgery is like. I don’t want to get this huge scar crack open my rib cage. No, I don’t want to go through that. If you lose your legs or you have some other medical issue, it’s terrible.

It’s absolutely terrible. So I rather invest in my health. That’s what I do. So I don’t like to put a price tag on it. That’s why I’m so glad that the hydro fix is, a little more than 2000 bucks as compared to 20 something thousand dollars, because then it would be like, oh my gosh, it would be so hard to afford something like that.

But because it is so good if I could have, yeah, I’m the same way. I, and some of our listeners may know a little of history on me and my wife and brain injury, recovery and stuff. But because of my obsession with longevity and health, I just started writing almost like blank checks to people to give back to a place of health where we were satisfied and where we could progress in.

And if the hydro fix was more expensive, almost regardless of the price tag, I’d find a way to have purchased it. Yeah. I felt the same way. That’s why I was so grateful that they developed something that was so good and truly affordable, like actually a portable, and there were a few other products.

I’m an, I spent a small fortune trying to get better. And then all, I ended up realizing that I didn’t need to spend all that money, which is part of the reason I did the videos to share everything that I found that actually works. But back to the pills, I actually always liked. I noticed the holy hydrogen, their knowledge was definitely high because they weren’t selling the pills and they were doing something more honest instead of just going for the money, and so that was one thing that I really thought was really great, even taking the pills, like I remember being open to it okay, I’ll take some pills if I’m going to get on a plane. Like you had mentioned, but now I realize I don’t even need to do. Because there’s science showing that as you use the hydrogen, it builds up in your body, you build it up in your liver, you build it up in your kidneys, you build it up in your body.

And so you almost have like reserves of hydrogen in your body. So if you’re loading up on it, which I would load up on it for many reasons, but I would do it also, if I’m going to have a long flight, then I’ll just get on the long flight. I know it’s in my body. It’s not like hydrogen, just quits working and just a day or two, I just did a video with somebody who was off of the hydrogen for three weeks and she was still getting results because it was still in her body, but they start tapering off.

After about a week, it looks like they’re really stays in your body for a good two weeks is roughly what I’m noticing. So at that point, yeah, the pills look like they have. They have for example, metallic, magnesium, there’s many different types of magnesium, but many people, like I said, they started dropping them in water.

They told you to quit taking them because in Japan, by the way, they found that the pills didn’t work as good. And then they found that there was a toxicity to them. They just quit dealing with them. But the people who were making those pills came to the U S and then they started trying to sell them here.

So this isn’t a go on probably for the next 10 to 15, you’re making a ton of money on these pills and then seeing the long-term negative effects that it has on people. This is a terrible story. There was a guy who owns a, I don’t even know what company I should say. I’ll just say he owned that oxygen company.

I’ll just say that. Cause that’s what it was. And anyway, they had a ton of people in the office. They were approached by the people with the pills. I won’t give names and they got everybody in the office on the pills and everybody got blood work before. So it was really interesting. They wanted to track the progress.

Six months later, taking the pills, every single person, their liver numbers were worse. And that was really strange because hydrogen has been shown to be really good for the liver. And there’s actually been people contacting me directly who had fatty liver disease, cirrhosis of liver, different issues with their livers.

They did a protocol with the hydro fix and all their livers got. So why would the hydrogen pills make it worse? It doesn’t even make any sense, but it’s in my opinion as to the toxicity. And that’s the biggest problem with hydrogen right now is the toxicity from cheap devices, improper way of making hydrogen pills, metals.

It’s terrible. Actually I think the hydrogen is so difficult and complex for people to understand, because at one point you’re talking about engineering, you’re talking about metal technology and even the design of how you produce the hydrogen, how it gets dissolved in the water. So there’s engineering involved, and then you have the science too.

So you’re talking about two complex things and I just think it’s too much for the normal person to understand. And it took me a long time and after I thought it was going to be easy, I was trying to make my own hydrogen that wasn’t working out at all. And then of course I realized these Japanese engineers really went all out on this thing and it was the I’m just, like I said, just grateful that it even exists.

Because it would’ve cost millions of dollars. Who’s going to spend millions of dollars trying to develop something that nobody even knows about something like hydrogen, when you can get these cheap Chinese devices. If it’s all about the money then yeah. Pills that people have to buy pills forever.

Perfect. Like another pharmaceutical company. Great. Or or these really crappy devices, like you said, that, they probably make a lot of money on the, whatever it’s called margins, and so yeah, it’s all business, blah, blah, blah. But for me, it wasn’t about the business.

It was about how do I get the best hydrogen. So anyway, coming from a different perspective, but I’m very grateful for the company. Very grateful for the Japanese who went out and developed it just like they’ve developed a lot of other, really great things in our lives that I very much appreciated, including my car.


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