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Bowel movements: Dolores used to have three irregular bowel movements each day – after being on hydrogen for about a month that changed to one regular movement each day. 

Hand shaking: She also noticed that her hands stopped shaking after about a month – they used to shake uncontrollably at times before she consistently drank hydrogen water. 

Weight loss: She lost 10 pounds without changing anything other than drinking a lot of hydrogen water every day. 

Strength: After taking a fall outside she was able to get up by herself – she shares that she hasn’t been able to get up off the ground by herself for years. 

Incontinence: Dolores was incontenent and didn’t have control over her bladder – she worked with all sorts of doctors and tried all the different medications but they didn’t help. She is now gaining control of her bladder and is able to “hold it” in time to get to the bathroom. 

Circulation: She has poor circulation from breaking her leg in her 20’s in a horseback riding accident. About 10 years ago her leg started getting discolored and looking really bad, but since being on hydrogen water for the last month, the discoloration is less intense and covers a smaller area. 

Blood pressure: Her blood pressure used to be around 130 and is now closer to 111-116. She thought her blood pressure monitor was broken after seeing 111 so she bought a more expensive blood pressure monitor and it also read 111! Her blood pressure had changed so much she thought the machine was broken!

Molecular Hydrogen Benefits

Molecular hydrogen therapy (drinking hydrogen infused water and inhaling hydrogen gas) may be the greatest health and wellness advancement of our time. More than 1,500 scientific articles, publications, and studies show the benefits of hydrogen therapy in over 160 disease models. Molecular hydrogen has been observed to minimize the impact of the three most deadly chronic problems we face – inflammation, insulin resistance, and oxidative stress imbalances.

Because of its size and ability to bond with other molecules, hydrogen improves the healing processes of every aspect of our body. Muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, organs, and anything else can be benefited from hydrogen use.


Why daily hydrogen use can minimize oxidative stress

Most supplemental antioxidants, when taken in large amounts, have negative side effects. They seek out all reactive oxygen species (including the ones that are good for us like nitric oxide) and neutralize them. It’s proven to be very helpful in emergencies, but when emergency methods are used in day-to-day lifestyle, it can throw off our antioxidant/oxidation balance. Even to the point that our bodies produce less of our own natural antioxidants.

By taking molecular hydrogen everyday in the form of hydrogen infused water and inhaling hydrogen gas, the antioxidant and oxidative stress ratio becomes balanced and the Nrf2 pathway that regulates our production of natural antioxidants is activated. This in turn empowers the body to fight off oxidative stress.

Because molecular hydrogen is a selective antioxidant, which means it only neutralizes the destructive reactive oxygen species, it doesn’t carry the same dangers or side effects as supplemental antioxidants. Molecular hydrogen indirectly acts as an anti-inflammatory as a gene signaling gas to regulate the processes in our body that cause inflammation. It is important to remember that hydrogen only does this though when there is too much inflammation in our bodies.


How Hydrogen Water Was Discovered

Hydrogen in Lourdes, France

Magical water was discovered in the 1850s in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, France. This is where we got the name “Lourdes Hydrofix.” Many people claimed that they were healed from all sorts of diseases by drinking and/or bathing in the water. 

In 2002 hydrogen water started getting international publicity. A Japanese television show shared A mini documentary on how this miraculous water is drunk By 5 million people every year in Lourdes France. the television show shared that over 3670 cases of healing have been confirmed by doctors from those who drank the waters in Lourdes France. Water from this spring was transported to Japan Kyushu University and analyzed by Dr. Shirahata. Shirahata discovered that the Lourdes water had high levels of hydrogen concentration.

Hydrogen in Northern Pakistan 

The Hunza of northern Pakistan Are one of the oldest races the world. From northern Pakistan, many claim to be over 150 years old. a large number of them are documented to be over 100 years old. Their mysterious longevity and mild aging don’t seem to match the harsh conditions that they live in. Many researchers now believe that the phenomenon of see who owns a is because of the water that they drink. The mountain spring water In their Villages has been tested and shows that it has the highest natural concentration of active hydrogen in the world. 


Hydrogen in Tlacote, Mexico

In Mexico almost 10 million people a year travel 200 miles outside of Mexico City to drink the healing waters. Many people, including NBA star Magic Johnson, report experiencing medical miracles and healings after drinking the water. Water analysis here shows that it also has a high concentration of hydrogen. 


Hydrogen in Nordenau, Germany

Many drinkers of spring water in an abandoned mine in Nordenau, Germany also experienced health improvements in diseases like diabetes, gastritis, enteritis, and tumor growth. An increase in healings from drinking water from the German spring became known as the “Nordenau phenomenon.” 

Lourdes, Pakistan, Tlacote, and Nordenau all have something in common. The waters from these incredible places are all rich in hydrogen.


How to experience the benefits of hydrogen water

Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to embark on a pilgrimage across the world to experience the therapeutic qualities of hydrogen water and hydrogen gas inhalation. We have partnered with expert Japanese engineers and technologists to create the world’s most effective and pure hydrogen generator for home use. 

The Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition represents the union of Earth’s natural healing qualities and expert Japanese engineering. While there are still no Magic Bullets for medical or health concerns, drinking hydrogen infused water and inhaling hydrogen gas may be the most powerful lifestyle change to impact an individual’s health. 

Order a Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition today to experience the therapeutic potential of hydrogen!