What is hydrogen infused water?

First, let’s talk about what hydrogen water is. Research shows that hydrogen is a selective antioxidant that has been observed to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress without causing the user to experience the negative side effects common with taking too high of a dose of an antioxidant. That’s what “selective” antioxidant means – all the benefits of an antioxidant without the worry of overdosing. Hydrogen gas infused with water and inhaled has ancient therapeutic foundations and is supported by laboratory research since 2007. At the time of writing this article, over 1000 scholarly articles on the therapeutic efficacy of hydrogen have been published. 


Why is the Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition the best hydrogen generator?

The Lourdes Hydrofix from Holy Hydrogen is the best solution for those looking to drink hydrogen infused water and inhale molecular hydrogen. Many of our customers use hydrogen to accomplish personal health goals or to recover from a health issue. However, even those not searching for pain relief or recovery can still benefit from drinking and inhaling molecular hydrogen. Anyone serious about the quality and purity of the hydrogen water they drink needs to seriously consider Holy Hydrogen as their solution.

The Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition by Holy Hydrogen offers both hydrogen water generation and hydrogen inhalation. To maximize the therapeutic benefits of hydrogen, drinking the water and breathing the gas are both necessary. The only other home-use hydrogen generator on the market that creates both hydrogen infused water and hydrogen gas is over twice as expensive as the Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition! 

Hydrogen inhalation doesn’t require a separate machine when you use the Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition. We include a cannula (flexible plastic tube) that you can attach to the inhalation lid to inhale hydrogen. Most companies don’t provide an inhalation option because it complicates the machine and is more expensive to produce. But we know how important hydrogen inhalation is and want all of our customers to experience the full benefits of hydrogen – which can only be experienced by drinking the water and inhaling the gas. The Lourdes produces 120ml/min & higher of hydrogen gas (3,600ml/30min & higher).

How is Holy Hydrogen’s hydrogen generation process unique?

Holy Hydrogen uses the most advanced, non-electrolyzed hydrogen generation method available. Our solid polymer electrolyte/proton exchange membrane technology and the latest NEMCE efftec technology ensure that the Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition creates the purest (99.9995% purity) and most stable hydrogen water while still fully saturating the water at 1.6 parts per million. 

Each device is personally tested in our Japanese lab before we add it to our inventory to sell. During its test, we track hydrogen generation in parts per million (ppm) and provide a certificate of authenticity and hydrogen creation specific to that machine. Each machine is stamped with a serial number to maintain the integrity of the Holy Hydrogen brand.



Why are there other versions or sellers of the Lourdes Hydrofix?

There’s a lot of confusion in the hydrogen world around hydrogen generators. Many other products exist that claim to be just as good or better than Holy Hydrogen. Some even claim to be selling Lourdes Hydrofix machines as well. In reality, Holy Hydrogen developed the 2019 and 2021 International models of the Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition and we manage the entire distribution ourselves. This means that if someone else is claiming to be selling a similar machine, you know that it’s not actually the official Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition. Most of these knock off products are mass produced in Chinese or Korean factories without the same standard of excellence that we implement in our Japanese laboratory.  


Product Specifications

The 1.5L pitcher is made of the highest quality BPA &  BHPF free plastic so you don’t have to worry about anything leaching into the water. In similar fashion, the electrode that produces the H2 gas is made of pure titanium to prevent producing any toxic chemicals in the electrolysis process from the metals breaking down. 


Product Specifications:

DIMENSIONS: 276mm(W) × 289mm(H) × 147mm(D) / 10.87in(W) x 11.38in(H) x 5.79in(D)

WEIGHT: 1.75kg / 3.86 lb  

POWER SUPPLY: AC/DC Universal Adapter (Input: AC100 – 240V 50/60 Hz, Output: 8.5V – 3.52A)


We encourage our customers to order a few hydrogen bags for every person in their family that will be drinking hydrogen water. That way, they can take a bag with them to work and more consistently drink the water. 




We offer a 1-year repair/replace warranty on the Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition – if there are any malfunctions or the device doesn’t work please let us know so we can make it right! This rarely happens, but just in case it does, we want you to be taken care of. 

Country of Origin

Holy Hydrogen’s Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition is made in Japan. It’s origin story is interesting because the original product with the name “Lourdes Hydrofix” was actually made in Korea and used inferior components and technology. Our Japanese engineers and scientists realized that they could make it better but their Korean counterparts wanted to continue making a cheaper product so they could have better margins. Because we cared so much about the quality of the hydrogen being produced, we seperated from the original company and began investing and researching to create a better version of the machine. Now, after years of progress, we’re proud of our 2021 Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition that produces a more stable, pure, and therefore more effective hydrogen water and gas. Because of our roots, we’ve remained partial to the original name “Lourdes Hydrofix” and have added “Premium Edition” to the end of the name to show that it’s a new product 




This product is not a medical device intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before using, people with existing health conditions, who are pregnant or those taking prescription medications, should consult their health practitioner. Hydrogen water and gas produced with this product is pure and non-toxic. However, if undesirable symptoms persist, see your health practitioner. Prices, offers, and information are subject to change without prior notice.

Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition – the most effective therapeutic hydrogen generator for at-home hydrogen water and gas. 


Why we are proud of the Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition.

Some people call us “health nuts” – but we really just love life and want to live the best, most vibrant lives we can. Each of the founding members of Holy Hydrogen had serious health concerns they were trying to overcome – medical problems that the established healthcare system didn’t have effective ways to treat. As we desperately searched for healing, we eventually discovered therapeutic hydrogen. 

Years of failed treatments had made us skeptical, so at first we didn’t believe the results people were claiming came from drinking hydrogen water and inhaling hydrogen gas. After doing our own research we took the plunge and ordered our first machine. As we learned more about hydrogen though, we quickly figured out that not all hydrogen generators are created equal. Because we’re “health nuts,” we wanted the purest hydrogen we could get without any of the chemical or metal leaching or unstable/unsafe hydrogen production methods that we found in cheaper devices. 

Which is why we developed the Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition with our Japanese partners – so we could have the best hydrogen generating machine for our own personal use. Once we perfected the machine, offering it to other people who wanted the same quality of hydrogen that we did just made sense.



Health doesn’t start with buying stuff

Without our health, we have nothing. Because our health is the most important aspect of our lives, entire industries have been created to capitalize on your pain. Everything from pharmaceutical companies to network marketing organizations are structured to get rich off of your health concerns. Even when they have great products, that still doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re great products for you. 

This is why we don’t think anyone should start a health journey by buying stuff. People should start a health or recovery journey by listening to their body and understanding what their bodies need them to do. Instead of getting suckered again by all of the professional marketing in the health industry promising great results as long as you give them hundreds of dollars a month, we should first ask our bodies what they need.

There’s more to optimal health than just drinking hydrogen water. If you are serious about your health or overcoming medical problems, a healthy diet, exercise, and many other things can help you reach your goals. But the easiest thing and the thing that we think will give the best results in the shortest amount of time, is drinking hydrogen water and inhaling hydrogen gas.

How hydrogen fits in to your health goals

The best thing about hydrogen gas is that you don’t have to take my word for it. You can easily do your own research just like we did to discover the incredible therapeutic benefits that molecular hydrogen can provide. Molecular hydrogen used for therapeutic purposes is actually backed by over 1,100 unique scientific studies.

You may have heard that molecular hydrogen is a selective antioxidant. At a high level, this means That one molecular hydrogen is introduced to your body, it has the ability to neutralize dangerous free radicals (like hydroxyl radicals that are toxic and do loads of damage because our bodies don’t have a natural defense against them) and minimize oxidative stress on your body. This is one of the ways that hydrogen has been shown to combat chronic inflammation and a myriad of other diseases that are linked to out of control free radicals.

Even though oxidation is a natural and even process in the body,  most of us have far too many reactive oxygen species floating around because of an imbalance between antioxidants and free radicals. Research suggests that this imbalance Is correlated to increase risk of cancer, Parkinson’s, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, chronic inflammation, and many other neurological difficulties. 

By consistently drinking hydrogen infused water and inhaling hydrogen gas, you are introducing the most powerful selected antioxidant into your body to combat the reactive oxygen species that are wrecking havoc. 

Molecular hydrogen has also been shown to improve cognitive/neurological function, increase energy production and cellular efficiency, boost the immune system, Combat leaky gut syndrome, and be a positive force on anything else in the body that suffers from chronic inflammation. 



Why the Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition the best hydrogen generator for therapeutic use

Visually, you will notice that the Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition gives you the ability to both create hydrogen infused water and inhale hydrogen gas. This is the only therapeutic grade hydrogen generator that creates both. Other home-use hydrogen machines on the market will only do one or the other. 

If you are serious about hydrogen therapy and maximizing the benefits of molecular hydrogen in your health, it is imperative that you both drink hydrogen water and inhale the hydrogen gas. Research shows that both have unique benefits and that by drinking hydrogen water and inhaling hydrogen gas, they complement each other and enhance each other’s benefits.

The next reason that the Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition is the best hydrogen generator for therapeutic use is because of its quality. We teamed up with Japanese Engineers who are experts in hydrogen science and technology to create the Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition. We spared no expense in creating the safest hydrogen generation technology to create the most pure Hydrogen. For health safety reasons, we created technology to produce hydrogen water without directly electrolizing it. Because the engineering behind this is complicated, no other companies have been able to achieve this feat.

Other popular hydrogen machines are designed and manufactured in countries where quality, longevity, and safety are not as important. For the end consumer, this means that purchasing a cheaply made hydrogen generator (even if it looks high quality) could result in inadvertently consuming toxins leached from plastics, metals, or problems that come from drinking directly electrolyzed water.