Water may hydrate you. But nothing hydrates you quite like hydrogen water does, in my opinion. So that’s enhanced just the hydration in general and things getting, functioning properly. And I think that you’re bringing a lot of energy into, again, the hydrogen being like light and has so much energy that it brings into the body.

One is that your body doesn’t function properly unless it’s properly hydrated, which is one of the main reasons that when you enter a hospital, they want to give you an IV, right away to keep you properly hydrated. I think hydrogen hydrates you better than just about better than any water either.

So hydrate you really good. Plus it’s bringing in all this energy and antioxidants and all these, all the hydrogen into your body. So that’s just the first thing. And that is the reason that I also think it will enhance the gas because there is research showing like other gases, like for example, oxygen.

This is one of the other ways that I came up with this theory is oxygen has been shown to not be as effective when you’re inhaling it, unless the body’s properly hydrate. That was part of the way that I came up with this whole thing. I’m like, wow, if it’s not working as good or even almost at all, unless you’re properly hydrated, hydrogen must be very similar.


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