I think it’s the biggest no-brainer. Here’s the thing. I always tell people.

I spent almost embarrassing. I spent my life savings. I spent like almost a quarter million dollars when I was trying to improve my health because I was throwing everything at it. Like you said you’re trying all these different things and everybody always has an answer about what’s good for your health, in my opinion, to really significantly improve your health.

In my own personal opinion, you need about 5,000 bucks. And I say 5,000 bucks because you’re going to need a really good distiller. You’re going to need a hydro fixed. You’re going to need a good blender. And then the rest of the stuff is typically things like certain supplements, there’s this one supplement for deficiency.

So I have a whole thing, quote, unquote, that I create even some dewormers, which is why this one particular dewormer has become so popular lately, which I won’t say the name, but, it sounds like I something anyway, and that’s the reason I had so much knowledge on it, even before everything that’s happened has happened, which, we won’t go into too much.

But out of all the things that I’ve tried and I’ve tried a ton of stuff to improve health, diet supplement, different stuff. The biggest game changer of the mall is hydrogen and clean water are the biggest game-changers. I’ve known people who literally, I just did a video about one, this lady, she will not change anything.

I hate to say she’s obese, she’s in a wheelchair. She likes to drink soda pop. She eats a lot of frozen microwaveable food, all these different things. And she’s not the only one. I’ve seen people who don’t want to change anything in their life. And I usually don’t like to say it because I want people to try to make other changes to improve their life.

But I’ve literally seen people who will change nothing except for clean water and the high. And the results they get are dramatic. This lady lost almost 30 pounds in three months, just from the hydrogen. That’s it just that. And then of course her bowel movements have significantly improved. She had all sorts of, irritable bowel syndrome, IBS, all sorts of issues in regards to her bowels arthritis of course, inflammation

She said she felt like cognitively she was better. Because she’s older. What other things does she have improvement with? I’m trying to remember all stamina was another big one. Cause she’s now walking. It just goes on and on. And there’s so many stories. People with heart issues lie out a heart issue actually.

And the hydro fix is the one thing that really made that go away. And I did it by a combination of the water and the gas. So that was another one of my theories. Cause I was using the water from an old machine and it never got rid of my heart condition and it was the hydro fix that really changed that.

And I was supposed to have heart surgery. I was scared to death of that. I’ve seen, let’s see arthritis, glaucoma people with blood pressure issues like high blood pressure. I’ve seen people with cholesterol issues I’ve seen. Obviously I think I already mentioned arthritis macular degeneration.

That was a really interesting one. I’ve seen people who’ve had issues with proper oxygen levels. So proper oxygen saturation levels in their blood. There’s been people with even vertigo. That was an interesting one. There was this one guy too who could never get on a boat. He would always get motion sickness.

Started using the hydrogen and it worked. It’s that’s, that was the craziest thing. I remembered him messaging me about that. There’s been people, obviously we’ve talked about endurance and I think I have a theory just because I’ve seen it myself with myself is muscle atrophy. So slowing down or greatly preventing muscle atrophy, which is huge because when people get injured or they’re bedridden for long periods of time, you have tons of muscle atrophy.

And I think we need more science on that dental health there’s research about how it helps with, overall dental, health and gum disease and stuff of that nature. The accelerating recovery, as far as for example, even nerves, like the way your nerves grow. There was a guy who was playing.

And he was able to get out of the wheelchair at a much faster time because the hydrogen appeared to actually be accelerating the recovery rate of his nerves. Like by triple the speed. So what would have taken three years took a year. So that was, there’s been, it’s just goes on and on.

It’s countless things. I just, what I would tell people is hydrogen is a lot like water, you want clean water. It’s like a no-brainer, everybody should have clean water. Everybody should drink water, hydrogen. You want clean hydrogen. Of course you want proper levels of it and you just want to use it regularly.

And I just think it’s the biggest no-brainer for people who want to try it, whether it fixes or doesn’t fix whatever it is that people are going through, it’s going to overall improve your body’s health. So hopefully it’ll help repair whatever it is that you’re going through. But it’s the biggest no-brainer in the world.

To me, just like clean water is a big one. We’re dealing with something right now. I believe it’s a, I believe it’s an actually the pandemic already. We’re not even talking about it, which is a chemical in our water called . It’s so bad for us. And and I believe they call it the forever chemical.

Cause it gets lodged into your body. Just a lot of the pesticides and hydrogen appears. No, I think there’s any more science, but it appears a hydrogen will pull out these pesticides, even from the deepest part of yourself. And I believe we’ll do the same thing with the pee pause. And I think that’s why some people have some detox symptoms when they first start trying to use the hydrogen.

And so it doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens to some people sometimes. And it’s usually people who have stuff in their body that they’re just not aware of that’s causing the disease. , we know it causes cancer. We also know that glyphosate, we know it causes cancer. All this stuff has already been proven.

And so we need stuff to flush it out of our body and deal with those free radicals. And we get free radicals from all over the place. Maybe certain types of radiation, that we’re exposed to chemicals in our water or chemicals in our food. High in hydrogen helping protect us. If anybody’s ever seen my video, number eight the one on how it protects you from chemotherapy protects like 90% of the cells.

Whereas if you didn’t have it, 90% of your cells would be destroyed, which is like chemotherapy so bad. So of hydro, you can protect you from something like chemo therapy, something that’s straight up, just kill anyone or really take the life out of you. What can it do for all the other things that we’re dealing with on a daily basis?

It’s the biggest no-brainer I’ve ever seen. And it’s not that expensive. It’s not the price of a car. It’s not a hundred thousand dollars. It’s not $50,000, not even $10,000, under 3000 bucks is the biggest no-brainer I’ve ever seen. And of course the anti-aging aspect. I haven’t even touched on that

They did some blood studies in Japan, one of my favorite. They can literally tell roughly the age of that you have your blood, they take your blood and they say, Hey, your blood is roughly this age. There was a girl who ate nothing but chicken McNuggets. And she was like 18 or 20 years old. And they said her blood looked like that of an 86 year old, it was crazy.

And and so then this study, they took a guy in Japan. They took his blood, see roughly what age it was. And they put them on a therapeutic amount of hydrogen water that was clean. It was made properly. He drank it for a whole year and then they measured his blood again. And his blood was five years younger.

That’s huge. Again, it just, it goes on and on, but it’s the biggest number nobody can say I don’t really need that. There’s a lot of things in life that we don’t need. There’s a lot of things, but in my opinion, we all need that. And in my opinion, we all need good water.

We all need clean water. And in my opinion, we all need hydrogen. If you want to be healthy and live as long as you possibly can. It’s the easiest thing in the world to do is drink water. Huh? When we started drinking hydrogen water a while ago, we just replaced whenever we would drink anything with drinking hydrogen water, it wasn’t even a lifestyle change.

It was just putting the device on our counter. And then when we would normally, put a cup to the refrigerator to fill up a glass of water, we would just pour it out of the hydrophobics. That was the lifestyle change we made and so hard. So hard. Yeah. And my wife who for as long as I had known her, since we met in 2017 and then, got married.

We she’s had irritable bowel syndrome and different digestive issues and she’s tried everything right. She and in fact, right before trying the hydro fix, she did a full elimination diet, like almost completely based cut out everything. Like she had to cut out everything over the course of six weeks and then slowly add foods back in to see what she was allergic to or not.

And she ended up finding a few things she was allergic to, but even through the detox, she never had solid bowel movements. She never had good digestion, even when she was eating completely 100% clean. And then after three days of drinking hydrogen water, about two liters, a day solid bowel movements.

And it’s been that way ever. And I had I had never known a wife or a girlfriend that was healthy. But had nutrients that felt full, that felt satiated because her body wouldn’t absorb anything. And then three days on the hydro fix life changed forever. It was incredible. It’s so amazing, man.

There’s so many people who have stories like that, and it’s amazing that something like this exists, never hear about it almost, and in Japan you hear about it. It’s so big in Japan, but in America, you hear, and if you hear it you hear about the pills and all this stuff. I’m just like, I literally quit making videos about it because I got a lot of hate mail from these companies. Boy, they really hated me.

Yeah. Yeah, they really, they, again, they offered me money, the hydrogen pill comp, all these companies offer me money and it’s maybe I was foolish, but I turned them all down and I wasn’t an affiliate of anybody. 

No hydrogen was, in my opinion, it’s so important that people really needed to know. So I went with my heart and not the pocket book. And of course, on the pocket book side of things, maybe it wasn’t the smartest thing, but the lives that it’s affected, I keep people always tell me that there was like, man, do you know how many lives you’ve touched?

And it’s I don’t think about it as much as probably I should, because I always feel like I want to do more. I just no, it’s not enough. I got it. More and more, to me, it’s like the one thing that feeds our soul. We, our body needs food, but at some point our soul needs some food too.

And I think when we’re kind to others and we help others, that’s like the nutrient for our soul and our spirit, and that’s the way that I look at things. And so I thought this was too complicated and it, and I tried to make videos to oversimplify and just tell people, Hey, if you’re confused and there’s a million machines.

This is how easy it is. This is the one, I did a lot of homework, and this is the one to get, this is what I use, 

and even some other YouTube channels and some other guys that, have websites that that talk about hydrogen. It’s funny because it sounds like about 90% of what anyone else says is ripped off from one of your hundreds of videos, that’s all it was happening. And they would find a way to get more.

I don’t know how they got more views because the thing is that I’m not really a techie guy and I don’t really know what I’m doing. Actually. I typically just put up a phone like right now and I just record. But yeah, a lot of people were ripping off a lot of my ideas and then I quit putting stuff out there that I really wanted to it mostly because, mostly because people were just.

And then pushing pills, right? Yeah. That’s the biggest problem is they’ll talk, there’s some really good channels out there that will talk about the benefits of hydrogen, but they never talk about the importance of how to make it and how to use it. And to me, that’s actually the more important part.

Yeah. We know hydrogen is great. Honestly, we know hydrogen’s a great, how much do I need to hear about hydrogen before I’m going to try it? No, it’s like talking about water, many things you could talk about what water does for the body and how important water is. You can talk about it all day long and then you can just go to the tap and be like your top water.

It’s all good for you. It’s like you need clean water, yeah. So that’s, I think that’s so difficult for people to understand that the concept of making hydrogen correctly is just way over most people’s heads. Even companies that are selling the pill, sometimes I wonder if they know what they’re doing and or they really believe in what they’re doing.

You know what I mean? Yeah. But I think that there’s been enough. I knew, I guess I won’t say a name, but I know that there was a viewer who knew a doctor. I won’t say his name, but who was selling these pills. And this viewer of mine was like, Hey, do you mind having a conversation with them? Because I think this guy’s a good guy.

And he sincerely, I think, wants to help people. And as of course, I’ll talk to him, I’ll talk with any. And they were trying to set us up to have a conversation. And the guy said, no, I don’t want to talk to that. I don’t want to talk to the hydrogen man. And and apparently in their private conversation, he told this gentlemen who knew him.

He said, look, I have a warehouse full of pills. You really think I want to go and start telling people that it’s not good for them. And I thought maybe after he sold all of them, maybe he would change. He didn’t, he just continues to sell them. There’s way too much money in them and money sometimes corrupt and it’s too bad because I think you could do it the right way.

Not have to be corrupt or, sell your soul as they say, but I think the important part of a hydrant, see, I just think that if people want to make. Fine go make money, but don’t do it in the field of health. Don’t be selling things that people think that are helping them and they’re hurting them.

That’s just so dumb. Go into some other fields, don’t get into health field and sell garbage. I think what we probably have with the people promoting the hydrogen pills, because like you said, great people, right? You watch some of their videos, you read some of their content, you see some of the testimonials, like these people really do seem to have their hearts in the right spot generally.

And I, I think it’s probably more of a problem of them having this much context within hydrogen and within the impacts of hydrogen, how it’s made. And they have this much understanding of context and they use that to make a whole lot of money without understanding everything. And that’s why we’re so grateful for you because the content that you’ve created really brings to light the importance of doing it correctly.

Your context is without tooting your horn too much, you might be the most well versed. Most understanding English speaker in the world on the topic of hydrogen, right? The only people that, that I would wager know more about hydrogen than you are our partners in Japan that are creators.

But as far as Western English, as a first language speaking people, you’re number one. And without, I don’t say that to flatter you but because of your context, because so much, you know what to do and what not to do. And I think a lot of other people have good intentions and they know just enough to be dangerous.

Yeah. Yeah. I have noticed that. And hopefully that will change in the future as more and more knowledge comes out. And I think it will. Like I said, in Japan, they already know the pills are no good, and the guy who’s selling them in the United States, there it is. There is a, I don’t even know how many details I should say.

Cause I got all sorts of insight into what’s going on. It’s terrible actually. But I’ll just say that I don’t take the pills. How about that? I don’t think the pills, I strictly use super clean water and my hydro fix and that’s all I use these days. I’ve tried other machines. I got tired of it. They either made me sick or they didn’t work quite right.

I that’s why I, that’s why I’m just like, it’s all about the hydraulics at this point. And the Japanese company is so dedicated that they’re always informed me of if there’s a better way or help, the better we’re going to do it. We’re always going to be the leaders, in hydrogen like Tesla, Tesla is the leaders in electric.

Nobody’s going to make a better electric car. They so far ahead of the game that a, it’s hard for anybody to catch up to Tesla. And if you notice just publish their intellectual property, right? Yeah. Yeah. All the patents, here you go. Yeah. So yeah, I love what they do. And to me, they’re a little, they’re a little bit like this hydro fix, company.

They work very similarly and they, I think Elon Musk does things that he would like, he’s Hey, this is what I would want. So he built a car like that. And I think the hydro fix was the same way because everything that they put into it was what they wanted. And it was the same stuff I want, and I was like, man, it was the same thing, and that’s why I fell in love with their product. Even if it costs more to make it, even if their margins weren’t so good or there’s not as much profit, but they did it. And, the Japanese have always believed that, doing it the right way. And that’s why they become successful, and everybody had to follow suit. They were making cars superior to everybody. Else’s cars, they’re the most reliable stuff on the road and everybody had to play catch up, so yeah there, I, I love the Japanese. They’re amazing people. And and of course, not to say that I don’t love other people also, but I’m very impressed by their dedication.

They stress themselves out so much to be the best. I feel bad for them sometimes but I’m grateful that they’re there, that they, that they did the hydrogen thing cause nobody else was going to do it. Hugely grateful. 

Greg, thank you so much for your time tonight. This has been amazing as always everyone give Greg a follow uprising, one for 4k on.

Great content. You will not be disappointed. I’ve subscribed and I have the bell. So whenever he publishes a new video, I see it. Yay. Yeah. Keep giving the videos, thumbs up. I’m trying to get a bigger following on the hydrogen thing and  I’ll keep everybody updated, about how it goes and anything new that I learned. All right Greg, thanks a ton. And everyone check the description below for a link to Greg’s YouTube channel uprising one for 4k, a link to the website, holy hydrogen.com and check out those to learn more and get set up with the hydro fix.


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